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Welcome to the Age-Phenome Wiki

The Age-Phenome knowledgebase (APK) contains evidence connecting specific ages or age groups and phenotypes, such as disease and clinical traits, extracted from biomedical literature. In addition, links between age and phenotype were extracted from clinical data obtained from the NHANES III survey.

This Age-Phenome Wiki is constructed of 'age cards' named in the form 'age x years' (for example, 'age 30 years'). For each specific age there is an age-card which contains all information linked to that age as found in APK. Due to technical limitations, only a subset of the data in APK is available in this wiki. Each age-card has two versions; the first is for viewing the information and uses highlighted text and colours for better representation. A second version is created for community edits, avoiding formatting instructions (such as colouring) making it easy to edit the text.

For selected ages, a concept map representing the main phenotypes linked to that age is also available.

Contact Nophar Geifman for information